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“Knowledge and human power are synonymous” says Francis Bacon and as a great Storehouse of Knowledge,the Library plays an important role in enhancing the prospects of the student community, by imparting power through knowledge.The Library has been an integral component of the institution ever since its inception in 1895.
College provides execellent hostel accommodation. The college has 4 hostels located within campus.
Conference Hall
There are five well furnished conference hall for conduct of seminars,viva-voce examinations and orientation & refresher programmes.They are equipped with advanced technological accessories.
 For Differently Abled
Differently abled students are provided with support services like Ramp, Wheelchair, Special tiolets, Circuit TV to watch programmes held in Cenetary Auditorium, arrangement of Scribes for Visually Challenged.
For the quick transaction of money, the college offers banking facilities.
With the holistic development of the personality of students in mind, the college caters to the need of spiritual as well as moral growth, regular chapel services are conducted in morning. It offers peace and tranquility at all times.Chapel is located in a quiet corner of the college campus.
A spectacular auditorium with the cross shaped façade consisting of a magnificent stage which could hold more than 3000 students in the first floor. It is open to all public functions conducted under the auspices of the District Collector, police department, fire service and other such ministry programmes. Regular assembly for students and college day activities are conducted in this grand auditorium.
Indoor  as  well  as  outdoor  games  facilities  are  available  in  the campus  with  large  playground,  nearly  8  games  courts  and  an obstacle  course.  The  playground  has  facilities  for  track and  field events.


In order to refresh and energize our mind, the college has arranged for a catering centre which provides the students with eatables, soft drinks, snacks and hot drinks. Light meals are also available.

Dinning Hall

A partially government funded dining hall is available for the students use during the lunch time with proper infrastructure.Nearly all the blocks have washstand facilities for the convience of the students after lunch.
At the entrance, there is a pavilion for the visitors who wait for their wards.
24×7 security is provided with a security guard at the entrance.In addition Police Patrol has been arranged.
Sick Room
There are separate sick rooms for the hostel and for the college functioning efficiently with proper medical care. They are well furnished with beds, first aid kit and attached toilet. Periodic checkup is arranged for the students as and when there is a need for Healthcare. Dr Poongothai is the attending medical practitioner for the college.
10 Service terminals are served by the transformer found within the campus.
In keeping with the needs of the students in the modern era, students enjoy the benefit of generator with the capacity of times of power cut. There is also a 5 Kva III phase generator and a 5 Kva single phase generator. Two Kerosene generators are also in use during emergencies.
Reverse Osmosis System
Pure drinking water has been installed for health considerations. All the blocks are supplied with the Reverse Osmosis facilities.
Water Source
To meet the requirements of water, the water is pumped out from the four big wells inside the campus in addition there are two bore wells which supply adequate water.The College enjoys the privilege of 24 hours municipal water supply with two separate lines, one for the hostel and another for the college
Fire Safety
There are 6-10 kg fire extinguishers and 6-5kg fire extinguishers. Recently 10 new 5kg ABC extinguishers are installed, out of which 7 are for college use and 3 are for the use of the hostel inmates.
To keep the spirit and mind of the students invigorating a pleasant atmosphere is created by maintaining well planned gardens in between every block. There are several varieties of flora and fauna adding to the eco-friendly and scenic beauty of the college.
To offer the conceptual knowledge of various forms of life in the natural science, museums are maintained in both the Botany and Zoology department laboratories.
Parking Area
The vehicle shed accommodates all the cycles and vehicles of both staff and students in the hot summer and also during the rainy season.
Post Box
For the easy and convenient postal communication there is a post box within the college campus.
There are nearly 20 BSNL telephone connections to serve the educational needs of students and staff which makes it possible to give connectivity through electronic media.



A Unit of Tinnevelly Diocesan Trust Association
Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli – 627 007.


Applications are invited from eligible candidates as per UGC norms (Post
Graduation with SET/NET/Ph.D) for the post of Assistant Professor in Sarah Tucker College (Autonomous), Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli – 7 in the self finance / Management vacancies in the following departments.

  • English
  • Tamil
  • History
  • Commerce
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Nano Science
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Application
  • Food Science and Nutrition

Contact Secretary Office 

Mail id : 

Worshop - Molecular Biological Techniques


Regular / Self Finance

Class Timing : 9am – 4pm