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The college provides excellent hostel accommodation. There are five hostels within the campus accommodating about 600 students and several members of staff from various parts of TamilNadu and also other states in India.The hostels are under the management of the Principal as Chief Warden and Sub Wardens.

This extended home makes each and every student perfect by building self-confidence in them through prayers that are offered at the hostels. The students do serious study and grow spiritually, physically, intellectually and psychologically. The hostel strives to provide the best available resources and facilities to perfectly satisfy the needs of the students.
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Built in 1953,the AVT Thomas hoatel has built-up area of 2800 sq.m. It has 106 rooms and 3 dining halls accommodating 273 students.

Built in 1961,the Lily hostel has a built-up area of 1050 sq.m. It has 19 rooms accommodating 73 students. This hostel is especially meant for students who prefer vegetarian mess. A beautiful garden in the centre enhances the beauty of the well-built hostel.

Built in 1953, Bishop Jebaraj Hostel covers 1000 sq.m. area. It has 26 rooms, a kitchen, a dining hall and a sufficient number of bathrooms and toilets. It has 91 students.  It also has a stage for conducting cultural activities.
Built in 2001, Dora David Hostel is specially meant for the postgraduate students. It has built-up area of 1200 sq.m. It has 13 spacious rooms, a dining hall accommodating 52 students.



Cynthia Hostel is specially meant for the undergraduate students.  It has 30 spacious rooms, accommodating 119 students.

Food is distributed to all the hostels from the modernized steam kitchen. Each hostel has  scavengers, gardeners and watchmen. Each hostel has a sick room,reading room with newspapers and magazines.Nutritious food is supplied to the inmates. The hostels also provide facilities for indoor games like Chess, Carrom and Chinese checkers. Running water is available for all the 24 hours of the day. There are provisions for First Aid. A doctor also visits the hostels regularly.



A Unit of Tinnevelly Diocesan Trust Association
Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli – 627 007.


Applications are invited from eligible candidates as per UGC norms (Post
Graduation with SET/NET/Ph.D) for the post of Assistant Professor in Sarah Tucker College (Autonomous), Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli – 7 in the self finance / Management vacancies in the following departments.

  • English
  • Tamil
  • History
  • Commerce
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Nano Science
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Application
  • Food Science and Nutrition

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