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Central Library


Sarah Tucker college is a premier institution of higher education located at Tirunelveli in the heart of the State  of Tamil Nadu in India, It is a religious minority Arts and Science College affiliated to the Manonmaniam Sundaranar  University offering Graduate and Post-Graduate. Degree Programmes in a wide variety of subjects in Humanities, Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Postgraduate Diploma and Doctoral courses in some subjects. The College Is located on a 40.61 acre campus with beautiful Garden and well furnished and aesthetically designed buildings.

Establishment of the library

The College Library was constructed using partial financial support from UGC is, located in the front of the main building on its right side.  The new building started functioning from July 8 1986.

Total carpet area of the Central Library (in sq. ft) 3332.50

General Information

On Working DaysOn weekend
WORKING HOURS09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.09.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. (Except Sunday)
Classification System :Built-up area in Sq. Feet
Dewey Decimal Classification3332.50 Sq. ft.

Store room

Open Access SystemOn-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)13 Dept. Libraries
Digital LibraryINFLIBNET NList – Online Journals FacilityREADING HALL
Reference sectionCirculation counterStack room
Xerox roomProperty counterJournal & back volume section


The library is maintained by the following staff members
01Mr.E. Sugirtha kumarM.L.I.Sc., M.phil.,SLET,
02Mr.G.Alexander Stephen10th , ITILibrary Assistant
03Mr.N.Mari Saravanan12 thLibrary Assistant


For better guidance and efficient functioning a library committee is formed under the head of Principal, with staff and students representatives. The library committee will meet at least once in a semester.


1Lending of booksOPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
2Reference booksINFLIBNET-NLIST online journals facility
3Conference / Workshops/ Seminars- AlertPhotocopying
4Competitive Exam books collectionOpen Access System
5Internet browsing, Printing , CD WriterQuestion Bank
6Books / information search, Book location assistanceDigital Library Section / Internet Facility
7Library orientation for fresh studentsPh.D Thesis.
8Competitive Exam booksBack volume section


Eligibility of Library Tickets1007050503
Loan Period (for Borrowing of Books)30 days30 days15 days15 days15 days
Renewal Transaction2
Fine (for late return of books)--Rs. 1/- per dayRs. 1/- per dayRs. 1/- per day
Loss of BooksRecovered either by same book or latest edition of the same book or paying triple the cost of the book (OR) Rs.200, whichever is high, with or without late fine .Recovered either by same book or latest edition of the same book or paying triple the cost of the book (OR) Rs.200, whichever is high, with or without late fine .Recovered either by same book or latest edition of the same book or paying triple the cost of the book (OR) Rs.200, whichever is high, with or without late fine .Recovered either by same book or latest edition of the same book or paying triple the cost of the book (OR) Rs.200, whichever is high, with or without late fine .Recovered either by same book or latest edition of the same book or paying triple the cost of the book (OR) Rs.200, whichever is high, with or without late fine .
Loss of Library Tickets / Issue of Duplicate Library TicketsRecovered either by same book or latest edition of the same book or paying triple the cost of the book (OR) Rs.200, whichever is high, with or without late fine .Rs.50/- per card for Duplicate library ticketRs.50/- per card for Duplicate library ticketRs.50/- per card for Duplicate library ticketRs.50/- per card for Duplicate library ticket
Issue of Journals / MagazinesYes / issued for 1 or 2 daysYes / issued for 1 or 2 daysYes / issued for 1 or 2 daysYes / issued for 1 or 2 daysYes / issued for 1 or 2 days
Issue of NewspapersYes, on specific requestYes, on specific requestNoNoNo
Issue of Project ReportsYes / issued for 2 or 3 daysYes / issued for 2 or 3 daysReference OnlyReference OnlyReference Only
Issue of Back VolumesYes / issued for 1 weekYes / issued for 3 daysYes / issued for 3 days on special permission / 2 at a timeReference OnlyReference Only
Issue of CDsYes / issued for 2 days on requisitionYes / issued for 2 days on requisitionYes / issued for 2 days on requisitionNoNo
Issue of Reference BooksYes / based on the specific requirementYes / based on the specific requirementYes / issued for 1 day on special permissionYes / issued for 1 day on special permissionNo
Photocopying FacilityYes / Rs.1 per pageYes / Rs.1 per pageYes / Rs.1 per pageYes / Rs.1 per pageYes / Rs.1 per page
Digital Library Access (use of Internet, Writer, Scanner, etc)YesYesYesYesYes


Physical Plan

Total carpet area of the Central Library (in sq. ft) 3332.50

SectionsMeasurement (sq.ft)
Librarian’s Room126 Sq.ft
Reference Section496 Sq.ft
Circulation Counter154 Sq.ft
Digital library121.5 Sq.ft
Reading Hall885 Sq.ft
Stack Room I750 Sq.ft
Xerox Room18 Sq.ft
Property Counter12 Sq.ft
Stack Room II546 Sq.ft
Journal & Back Volume Section200 Sq.ft
Store room24 Sq.ft
TOTAL3332.50 Sq.ft


  • Gate Entry & Property Counter
  • Circulation Section
  • Reading Hall
  • Lending Books Section (Stack Room)
  • Reference Section
  • Periodical / Back Volume Section
  • University Question Bank Section
  • Digital Library Section


  • Text book collections
  • Reference books collections
  • Magazines
  • Journals
  • E Journals
  • D Thesis
  • Journal Backvolumes
  • CD Roms


Students and staff members can send a written request of book recommendation to the librarian for purchase of books / periodicals on any time.


  • Library orientation for newly joined first year students on every year.
  • Internet facilities for students and staff.
  • Inclusion of sufficient information about the library in the college website.
  • Users can recommend books and journals.
  • Earn while learn scheme is followed for the benefit of students
  • Suggestions box is provided.
  • Conducting book exhibition cum sales on different occasions.
  • Permitting students and faculty from other institutions for reference and consultation
  • New arrivals display.




(Updated on 22.06.2018)


  1. The library is for the free use of the staff and students of this college. Others can also use this library with prior permission of the principal and librarian as per the rules.
  2. Every member, visits, the library must write their details in the entry register kept for them. By signing in the Entry register they are agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the library.
  3. Library is kept open in all full working days from 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M .
  4. The users must keep their own books, Note Books and other materials in the property counter available in the entrance. However purse, calculator and other valuable materials can be taken with them. They can keep sheets for writing / note taking purpose.
  5. The visitors are advised not to bring any valuable items, money etc to the library. Also the visitors must pay attention to the materials they kept in the property counter. Library is not responsible for the materials in this regard

General Guidelines.

  1. Computerized online catalogue (ie list of books) is available in the library. The user can search the books by access no, author, title, dept, publisher, subject etc., to find the availability and location of a book.
  2. Since we are following the open access system (ie. Users can select the books themselves), users can easily browse for the books in their desired subject directly in the shelf’s.
  3. Users can recommend books, to be purchased, to the librarian at any time. The list will be consolidated and efforts will be taken to purchase the books.
  4. Users can consult the librarian for any clarification, suggestion and complaint, in person, or through phone (number is available in the College handbook) or email (

Library usage guidelines.

  1. The users should also sign in the registers kept in the reference section, Back volume section and other sections. This will help to provide more focused service.
  2. The referred materials can be kept in the shelf in the same location. If not possible keep the book on the reading table & it will be replaced by the library staff.
  3. Strict silence must be expected and to be observed inside the library.
  4. Discussing, chatting and any kind of activities, which disturbs, distracts other members must be avoided in the library.
  5. Proper caring, handling and responsible returning of books is expected from the users, as these books are for all users in all situations.
  6. Borrowing and keeping the books beyond the due date should be avoided, as it blocks other users from using that book. Defaulters will be charged with applicable fine.

Library Properties / Materials handling

  1. Damaging, misplacing of the books should be avoided. Those, who make any damage to the materials, will be punished with appropriate fine and recovery charges.
  2. Careful attention and proper handling of reading materials, furniture and other materials in the library is expected from the users.

Reading materials.

  1. All the library reading materials like books, magazines and newspapers must be handled and used in a proper manner. Damages in any kind like tearing, marking, underlining, writing etc will be dealt with appropriate fine.
  2. Books in the stack room are for lending. Reference books, journals, magazines, project reports and other non book materials are for reference only. They must be used with in the library only.
  3. During the library hours, Careful and responsible handling is expected from the users, in handling the magazines and newspapers in the reading hall. Appropriate fine will be charged for damaging the resources.

Membership / library card

1.All the students and staff members of this college are normally the members of the library. They are divided as UG, PG, Research, staff and non teaching staff categories.

15021/ day

S.NoCategoryLibrary cards / Books allowedLending periodNo of ExtensionFine (Rs.)
1UG students03 / 0315021/ day
2PG students
3Research scholars07 / 0730011/ day
4Teaching StaffThrough Register / 103001

2.Each category member is given an allotted number of library cards as specified above and these cards are to be used for borrowing books from the library.

3.The representative of the each first year class may submit the list of names with register no., to the library to get the library cards.

4.The course completing final year students or a student, who wishes to discontinue the studies in this college, must surrender their library cards, library books and get a “No due certificate” from the library. If they are not able to surrender the library cards in good condition, a fine will be charged as Rs.50/ per card.

5.Loss of library card should be immediately reported to the librarian, in written format.

6.If a library card is lost by perusing student, duplicate card will be issued on verification and with a fine of 50/- (Rupees Fifty) for each card, lost.

7.A staff member to be resigned, relived or retired from the service or availing long leave, must surrender the books borrowed, periodicals, etc and get a no due certificate from the library, well in advance to avoid delay.

8.Members must use their library cards and borrow the books within their allotted limit. No member is permitted to use other’s library cards.

Book lost.

  1. Loss of book should be immediately reported to the librarian, in written format.
  2. The same copy of the book or latest edition of the book can be replaced, for the lost book. Otherwise three times of the book price or Rs.200/- (Rupees two hundred), whichever is higher will be collected as fine for each book lost. Also late fine may be collected if applicable.
  3. While replacing a lost book, Book with different title, different author and other variations or books in used / damaged conditions will not be accepted as replacement.
  4. In case of loss of journals, magazines and non-book materials or other materials, the fine and recovering charges, will be charged by case by case and the Principal decision is final in this regard.

Books Issue

  1. The books in the lending section can be borrowed for the lending period , as given above. Extension of the loan period for a book will be followed as per the details given in the membership table.
  2. Books can be borrowed / returned from 12.15 PM to 1.15 PM. and 04.00 PM to 04.30 PM on all working days.
  3. Books will be issued on the production the borrower’s library card and identity card. Without these, books will not be issued.
  4. Books should not be borrowed using another’s library card. If found it will be treated with a fine and other disciplinary action.
  5. If the book is in damaged condition, while borrowing, it will not be issued.
  6. Any damage found in the book while borrowing must be reported to the book issuing library staff / Librarian immediately. Otherwise the borrower is responsible for the damage in the book.

Book Return

  1. All the books must be returned on or before the due date marked In the Date Slip. Failing, the late charge will be collected from the user as per the rule. The late fine must be paid in the library.
  2. While returning the books the user should collect the library cards without fail, from the circulation counter.
  3. Damages found in a book while returning will be charged with fine.
  4. While returning the books users must present themselves with their identity card and collect their library cards from the library.
  5. However users who are in sick or unable to attend the college can return the books through others. However the library tickets will be handed over only to the user, they belongs to.

Loan Period Extension

  1. Normally books can be extended for two consecutive times, before the expiry of the due date marked in their book. However reserved books, books in demand will not be renewed.
  2. Also if the librarian asks informs, the book should be returned immediately, even though the book is within the borrowed period.
  3. Non available (ie. Books on the circulation) library book may be reserved. On arrival / return of the book, the availability of the book will be informed to the person, who reserved the book.
  4. Except the final year students, all other can retain the library cards or books during the examination / holidays.

Digital library.

  1. Internet service is available in the library and can be used during college working days.
  2. Care must be taken while using the computers and other materials. If damaged by the user,the recovering charges will be collected.
  3. Only educational related information / sites should be used in the digital library and the services are for their educational / jobs search purpose only
  4. The Student / User must enter their details  in the digital library register, before using the service.

Careful attention is needed while using the digital library. All the users using the library services are abide by the cyber law of government of India, and any violation will lead to the action as per the law.


INFLIBNET-NList online journals  (For All departments.)

Our library is an institutional member in the INFLIBNET-Nlist consortium and presently subscribed for more than 5000 e-journals and 300000 e-books for all departments. At present the publication of the following publishers can be accessed by staff and students, in and outside of the campus.

No. Of Titles in INFLIBNET Database

S.NoPublisherNo. of titlesRemark
1American institute of physics10Online Journal
2Annual reviews33Online Journal
3Cambridge university press224Online Journal
4Economic and political week01Online Journal
5Indian journals150Online Journal
6Institute of physics46Online Journal
7Oxford university press206Online Journal
8Royal society of chemistry29Online Journal
9H.W.Wilson1420Online Journal
10e-brary53838Online Books
11Oxford scholarship902Online Books
12EBSCO host – net library936Online Books
13MathScinetBibliographic databaseDatabase

For more & updated e-journals details, please visit

Special Services


Our college is an institutional member with the following institutions for the benefit of user community.

  • Institutional Membership with The American Library, Chennai,
  • Institutional Membership with Nlist- INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad.


            Student desirous of joining this scheme in the library shall apply to the Principal in writing at the beginning of the year. Those selected under this scheme will be paid a small remuneration with the budget provisions under this scheme. At present 10 undergraduate students are working under the scheme.



A Unit of Tinnevelly Diocesan Trust Association
Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli – 627 007.


Applications are invited from eligible candidates as per UGC norms (Post
Graduation with SET/NET/Ph.D) for the post of Assistant Professor in Sarah Tucker College (Autonomous), Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli – 7 in the self finance / Management vacancies in the following departments.

  • English
  • Tamil
  • History
  • Commerce
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Nano Science
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Application
  • Food Science and Nutrition

Contact Secretary Office 

Mail id : 

Worshop - Molecular Biological Techniques


Regular / Self Finance

Class Timing : 9am – 4pm